Thank you so much you guys! I’m terribly sorry for being completely inactive on this blog over the last year but I’ll do my best to get more involved in making new resources and helping you out with any photoshop questions you might have! So, to thank you for believing in this blog and to celebrate the 800 followers, you’re more than welcome to make any requests regarding photoshop resources and I’ll make a big special resource post:

  • PSDs
  • Handwritten Textures
  • Tutorials 
  • Overall mixed texture packs
  • Themed texture packs
  • anything that might tickle you
  • go over to my main blog to request graphics or other graphicy things
pandora-tears: hey~! i`m sorry to bother you,but i downloaded you text texture (the one with mostly Lana del Rey texts) so,my question is-how can i use them in a picture and can i use the same text shape but with different things written on it?i`m kind of a noob in stuff like these,but it`ll be a BIG help if you explain ^^

You can just copy the texture you want to use onto the picture you want it on; then depending on the kind of effect you want, you can either set a texture with dark writing and a white background on Darken or Multiply (on top of your other image) - that way you’ll have only the text visible on your picture. You can also invert the colours of the texture so that you have a white text with a black background. Then if you set it on Lighten or Screen you’ll end up with a white text over your image. So depending on what you want, you can play around to achieve the desired effect. I really suck at explaining, so here is another explanation of the same process essentially.
As for the other part of your question: I’m not completely sure that I understand what you mean, but if you’re asking if you can write something different and will it appear in the same font as the textures - no, because this is not a font that you install on your computer and can write whatever you want with it. Textures are images, and while you can edit them in many different ways, you can’t use a written texture as a font. I have no idea if this made any sense at all! If you have more questions, I’ll be happy to try and help you :) 

1k followers resource pack


  • 14 fonts
  • 11 PSDs
  • 50 textures

Thank you all again. I’m really sorry this took so long, here you go~
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texture pack #9: handwritten texture (lyrics) pack from requests

30 handwritten textures from song lyrics (mainly lana del rey)

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  • download: [here] - let me know if there are problems with the link
  • for requests and questions visit my [ask box]
  • enjoy!
Anonymous: Can you make a texture saying "with and by you always"? :*

Sure! I’ll try to do a combined handwritten texture set with all the requests I got in the last few months and hopefully it’ll be up around the start of April.


50 textures / download

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Splatter brushes:

hey guys, this is my first coloring pack. a lot of you ask me about my colorings so there you go! 4 psds for coloring caps that can be used for almost every show/movie/situation. please give it a like or reblog and don’t claim as your own. download 

Anonymous: Did you ever post up part two of your Harry Potter text pack? I adore part one. I'd love to see more HP inspired texture packs too if you ever had the time.

No, I didn’t! I have it in the works somewhere on my computer, but tbh I completely forgot about it. I will try to post it as soon as possible

rennlys: Your handwriting is beautiful. Hope you don't me using your textures in everything from here on out

Thank you so much! I’m glad you want to use them, that’s why they’re here :)

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