1. We start off with the cap we want and resize it - here I resized the Harry Potter cap I got from homeofthenutty and resized it to 550px in height; then I pasted it onto a clean canvas (500x550px) and moved it around until I was satisfied with the placement.
  2. It’s time to colour the cap. it doesn’t really matter what PSD you use, because it won’t give us the final colours anyway, but try to go with something that will bring up the warmer colours a bit without being too saturated. Great PSDblogs: psdelicious; truesoulspsds; drunkandcoloring
  3. Once you do this, go to Image>Adjustments>Vibrance (for PS4 and later versions) and start moving the Vibrance pointer into the negative area - it will mute down all the colours. Play with it until you are satisfied with the result - I personally prefer to go down almost all the way, until the image is left with only a hint of the colours it had. 
  4. Duplicate the image (Ctrl+J) and set the new layer on Soft Light + Opacity (60-80%). Move the layer a few pixels to the right or left to create a slight blurred/moving effect. Of course, you don’t have to do that, but I often find it gives a graphic a more edgy look. After you’re satisfied with the result, go to Layer»Flatten Image; then go to Filters»Sharpen»Smart Sharpen (my settings for this image were Amount 200% - Radius 0.2px). Again depends on  if you prefer a more blurry image or a more pulled together one on terms of defined structure. 
  5. Texture time! I used this texture from this texture pack and set it on Screen and 80% of opacity to create a slight smoky look around Harry’s head and down the whole cap. Then I used this texture (I don’t remember where I got it though, sorry!), set it on Screen around 70-80% of opacity. 
  6. Just arrange your text the way you want and use those ‘cut-outs’ underneath if you like and you’re done and ready to go!

    LET ME KNOW IF YOU’D LIKE TO SEE MY TUTORIAL ON THE CUT-OUTS: 3 easy ways to make them yourself. 
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