For those of us, who are unfortunate enough to not have a scanner (or are too lazy to drag their asses to the uni/school library and scan stuff there)

  1. Write your quote/lyric/etc on a white paper and photograph it. I recommend doing it near a window, while there is still natural light, because it will make the next steps easier. You don’t have to have a pro camera - I use a simple Sony digital one and it does the trick perfectly. I did this in the middle of the night, so naturally I had a lot more work to do afterwards than you would if you take the picture while it’s still not dark outside. Upload to your computer. This is what we start with: [click]
  2. Open in Photoshop, crop, resize to your liking. [click]
  3. Image » Mode » Grayscale
  4. I usually do Image » Auto Tone and/or Auto Contrast, but you can skip this step, because you can achieve the same effect with the next one. [click]
  5.  Image » Adjustments » Curves. Use the Curves to make your image brighter, to “clear” it from all the spots and colour differences that appear when you take a photo. I usually have something like this in the end: [click]
  6. Play a little with Image » Adjustments » Brightness/Contrast if you don’t quite like the result just yet. [click]
  7. Use Image » Adjustments » Invert if you want a light text on a dark background. [click]

That’s the basic routine. Of course, you can experiment with colours and layers to give it a little texture. I hope it was helpful. :)

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